How to Accessorize Michael Kors Factory Outlet Jeggings

Maybe it's a hangover from "Sex and the City," or maybe it's Michael Kors Outlet the earmark of our consumer-driven culture, but designer bags are not just for the elite anymore--they are for everyone and they are everywhere. Middle school girls carry Coach and high school girls carry Prada. How do you keep up without maxing out your credit cards?Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingAbout Purse PartiesHow to Make Your Own Purse Home PartyPrint this articleInstructions 1In New York, you don't have to own it, you just have to be seen with it. Despite the fact that in New York you can get the most incredible knock-offs, it devalues the inherent art of designer handbags--not to mention that anyone who knows their stuff can spot a fake a mile away. So trade up already. Trust me, you can afford it. First, decide what your style is. Are you looking to flirt with a bag? Do you want a casual, flexible relationship? Or do you want to try a new one once a week, trading in for the next best thing as soon as it hits the shelves?2If you are a shopper with a serious addiction for the new hot item, From Bags to Riches is your site (see Resources). With a fixed rental period (and no wait time) you will have your new bag fast, and get rid of it just as quickly. Beware, however as they do charge late fees if you go over on your time with your purse.3If you are a shopper who is more interested in flirting with a beautiful purse, go for Bag, Borrow, or Steal or Rent Me a Handbag, which essentially work like Netflix--you can lease bags for as long as you want, paying a monthly membership fee. Undoubtedly, they are more flexible than From Bags to Riches.4What if you absolutely love it? Bag Borrow or Steal features a tempting option to "Steal It," or buy the item at a purchase price that includes the difficulty to replace it, the wear and tear on the bag, and its age (which in some cases could make it more expensive, but in most it would make it less). It's perfect for the girl who likes to shop around, but isn't afraid of a commitment.5Finally, keep track of how much your habit is costing you--while it never will amount to the price of buying each bag individually, you may still be investing more money into fashion than you initially expected to, including membership and rental fees. Overall, it's a cost-effective way to handle a designer habit, but not cost-effective if you are just looking for one key designer piece for the next five years. For that, hit an outlet, find a bargain and buy it.Tips & WarningsDesigner handbags are a celebration of excellent craftsmanship and cutting edge style, so treat them like it.While it's OK to feel like a bigshot with a Fendi on your arm, remember, you have to return it.Be careful with the bags, as you do have to pay if they aren't returned in serviceable condition. Michael Kors Factory Outlet

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